Howards Foods is pleased to announce the acquisition of the UMI’s Kitchen brands and is committed to maintaining the same quality that you have come to enjoy from UMI’s Kitchen. Stay tuned for some new exciting sauces coming soon.

Simmer Sauces, Tandoori Marinade & Chatnis   

for home cooking and entertaining


WELCOME! Our goal with this website is to introduce you to the products and flavours of our Umi’s Kitchen product line: Indian Simmer Sauces, our Tandoori Marinade and our Chatni’s.

These products have all been developed and are produced in Vancouver BC. When we sample our products in stores and at the consumer shows we attend the overwhelming comment is “they’re delicious!” Consumers seem surprised. We’re not. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort perfecting our recipes to deliver products you can use to prepare delicious meals for your family and friends.

We wouldn’t have it any other way!



The Umi’s Kitchen brand is owned by Jules + Kent Food Group, a division of Mad About Food Inc. We produce this product line in our own production facility, located in Vancouver BC.

We purchased the original two products in the Umi’s Kitchen line from Umi, who initially assisted us with the recipe development of some of our original products. Umi moved to Canada in 1974, having grown up in a small village in Uganda. Umi’s original recipes were developed in loving memory of her mother’s cuisine, a woman who prepared generous culinary feasts without the benefit of a modern kitchen or electricity. Young Umi and her family often enjoyed their Mom’s cooking under the shimmering African moonlight.

Umi is a great cook, who also has a degree in Food Technology from BCIT. After purchasing the brand from Umi, we asked her to develop the recipes for our Jeera Simmer Sauce, Tandoori Marinade and Mango Chatni. We know you’ll enjoy each of these delicious products.

We are passionate about producing great tasting products for you to use when you’re cooking for your family and friends. You can use the Umi’s Kitchen Simmer Sauces, Tandoori Marinade and Chatni’s straight from the jar to create gourmet meals or enhance any dish. These products offer something for everyone: the beginner home cook, a busy mom or advanced gourmet chef.

Your satisfaction with our products is very important to us. Please call or email us with your comments, favourite products or recipes ideas and uses. We want to hear from you!



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