If you've purchased one or more of our Umi's Kitchen products and are wondering where to find them again, please email us using the contact form on our "Contact" page. We've found it's easier to provide individual, personalized service to individuals, rather than trying to keep a current list of retailers. We are working hard to grow the network of retail stores carrying these delicious products and look forward to hearing from you.


Umi's Kitchen products are sold to gourmet retailers, winery gift shops, and grocery stores in Canada. We sell both direct and through one or more distributors.

If you would like a Product & Price List for these and our other products, please call us: 604-736-2510 or complete the contact form on our "Contact" page. 



Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we answer when we're sampling the Umi's Kitchen products in grocery stores, wineries and at consumer trade shows:

Do the sauces need to be refrigerated once open?

Yes. Our simmer sauces, marinade and chatni's all need to be refrigerated once open.

How long will unopened jars keep in my cupboard?

The shelf life of our unopened Umi's Kitchen simmer sauces and marinade is 18 months from the production date. The shelf life of our unopened Umi's Kitchen Chatni's is 24 months from the production date.

You will find a Lot Code on each of our products. To know when the product was manufactured, our 6-digit lot code is constructed as follows:


The first 3 numbers are the Julian Day of the Year

The 4th and 5th numbers are the year of production

The 6th number is the production day batch #.

Can I freeze the sauces or chatni's if I have some left over?

For the simmer sauces:

Ideally, you will use the entire jar of Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce. It can be frozen, but please be advised the cream may separate when it's thawed.

The Coconut Curry and Jeera Simmer Sauces can be refrigerated quite easily. We recommend transferring the remaining contents of the product jar into something like a zip-loc bag. Date the bag and freeze.

For the Tandoori marinade: Yes, you can freeze this product. However, because of its high acidity, in the Umi's Kitchen line, it can remain for some time in the jar in your refrigerator. We always recommend you use clean utensils when removing product from the jar.

For the Chatni's: We don't recommend freezing either of the chatni's.

Some members of my family love the flavours, but think the sauces are too spicy?

If some of the sauces seem too spicy for some palates, we suggest diluting the sauce with yoghurt until you reach the desired level of spicyness.

Do the simmer sauces, Tandoori marinade or Chatni's contain any preservatives?

No. Our sauces are all natural. We do not use any artificial colours, flavours or stabilizers in the production of our Umi's Kitchen products. To acidify the products we use acidic products like lime juice, tamarind or vinegar. Our hot-filling production process also contributes to the shelf life we advertise for each product.

Which Umi's Kitchen products are suitable for vegetarians?

Which Umi's Kitchen products are suitable for vegans?

Are any Umi's Kitchen products gluten-free?

Is there any sugar in any of the Umi's Kitchen products?

What allergens are in the Umi's Kitchen products?

We have listed the allergens in each product, in the appropriate sections.

What allergens are in the production facility where the Umi's Kitchen products are produced?

The following allergens can be found in our production plant:







Tree Nuts


We make every effort to prevent cross-contamination of any allergens, but are required by the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) to list all the allergens that can be found in our facility, regardless of our food safety efforts.

Need to know something else?

If there's anything else you'd like to know about our products, please email us at:

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